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Our Savior Lutheran Church and Academy

Consider using Venmo, which is a free service to electronically transfer your gift or tithe.

Venmo is an online way to make Electronic payments from person to person, or in our case, from Church Members to Our Savior Lutheran Church as an alternative means of support.


If you have an existing Venmo account, offerings can be sent to @Our-SaviorLutheran


For a new Venmo Account, you will need to sign up on a computer, and then you will need to download the Venmo app to your smart phone or device.

  1. From your computer, log into
  2. Click SIGN UP NOW
  3. Scroll to the bottom and press NEXT.
  4. Enter your first name, last name, email address, cell phone number and a password (save your password for future login).
  5. Click the two boxes to agree to the disclosures and terms/conditions.
  6. Click SIGN UP.
  7. A code will be texted to your cell phone.
  8. Enter the code in the space provided, and click SUBMIT.
  9. Click DONE
  10. Go to SETTINGS at the top of page.
  11. Click on PAYMENT METHODS.
  14. Select MANUAL VERIFICATION (instant verification asks you to provide your online banking login information).
  15. Enter your bank routing number and checking account number.
  16. In the next 1 to 3 days, Venmo will make small Micro-transfers (less than $1, and will credit it back to your account to verify the account is active).
  17. Check your banking account for the transaction in 1 to 3 days.  Once you see these deposits/debits on your bank statement, visit to verify your bank account.
  18. From your smart phone, download the Venmo app.
  19. Enter your login information.
  20. On your smart phone, click on the three bars in the upper left corner.
  21. Click on SEARCH PEOPLE
  22. Click on NAME OR @USERNAME, and type in @OUR-SAVIORLUTHERAN
  23. Click on OUR SAVIOR 
  24. Click on PAY OR REQUEST
  25. Enter the Amount
  26. Enter TITHE or other description such as “Flowers” or “Easter Lilly”
  27. Click PAY